The Modern Prairie Home

The prairie home style was popularized by Frank Lloyd Wright in the early 1900’s. This architectural forms heyday lasted less than two decades and most homes of this style were built in the Midwest. Because of these factors there are very few prairie style homes in the pacific northwest which makes this, home by Gelotte Hommas even more unique.


At first glance this home may not be as impressive as some, but that is by design. The short walls and horizontal lines of a prairie home are meant to evoke the simplistic beauty of the prairie landscape. An open floor plan and ample number of windows let in the light and views of nature. The goal of a prairie home is to be elegant, not ostentatious, while mimicking the colors and feeling of the landscape.

There is, however, some room for decorative elements such as these gorgeous front doors. With only straight lines and earthy colors, these stained glass doors provide an artistic flare while keeping with the home’s architectural style. This Prairie home illustrates the fact that clean lines and natural materials can create a welcoming and relaxing home.
View more photos of this Open Prairie home as well as another Prairie Style Home in Virginia– both designed by Gelotte Hommas Architecture.

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