Don’t Forget to Look Up- Gorgeous Ceilings

Ceilings are an element of a home that is often overlook. With all the beautiful details that a Gelotte Hommas home has at eye-level it may take some time for the gaze to wander up. But as with every other aspect of the house we feel that the ceiling should be just as gorgeous as the rest of the home. Here are a few examples of ceilings we love.

The ceiling of this porch is subtle and soothing. Wood planking is painted white to create texture and balance. Other options would be to keep the natural wood color or brighter shade of paint to change the entire feel of the area. This may be a simple ceiling but it is elegant and versatile.
This dramatic hallway was created by alternating sections of wood paneling and glass. Perfectly positioned lighting highlights the warmth and color of the wood in the evening while the glass lets in the natural light during the day. The angles of the ceiling gives more height as well as a whimsical quality.
Flat may be fashionable someplace but curves are king in this Mediterranean mansion. A single arch would be enough for most homes but here we have plains of interest which catch the light. The addition of dramatic lighting and a warm color scheme make this hallway irresistible to walk down.
Ceilings are a necessity but they can also be a stylish and eye-catching element. Let the architects at Gelotte Hommas design you the perfect ceiling for your home.

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