Unique Elements- Part 1

Every home has its own individual style but some homes take it a step further with unique elements that emphasis their character. Each Gelotte Hommas project is one of a kind and here are some details that prove it.

Flowers peek through a round interior window.

Small touches can really change the feeling of a space. A great example of that is this circular cut-out in the wall of this Mediterranean styled home. It is a fun and playful element that helps to create a lighter and more open feel.

Secret Rooms
Nothing to see here…

Another small detail that hides a big surprise is this hidden door bookcase which opens to reveal a secret room. This would be the ideal office for a mystery writer.

Hidden Rooms
…except this secret study.



















This entire Cedar Haven home is filled with amazingly beautiful elements and one of my favorites is this door. The wood grain alone is gorgeous but following the contour of the wood and installing glass panels makes this door really mesmerizing.


Small pieces with a lot of character can add interest and whimsy to a home. However, if you like your statement pieces to be a bit larger then be sure to check out Unique Elements- Part 2 to see some of the larger things that can customize a home.


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