Home is Where the Paws Are

Dog owners know the joy of coming home to a wagging tail and excited howls. We love our pets and want them to be happy and comfortable. This includes designing homes that cater to their needs. Here are a few dogs who are very happy with all the amenities of their new homes.

This grey hounds lives a fairy tale life in this remodeled Storybook Cottage. Large windows let in the light and warm the room which makes this couch the perfect napping spot.


It is a lucky chocolate lab who gets to call this house, with woods outback, home. Wide hallways and an open floor plan make it easy to chase a ball inside when the weather outside is too nasty for a walk. The stylish concrete floors not only look good but make it easy to clean up any accidents.


Golden retrievers are known for their love of water and this one is in heaven. Not only does this house have a pool but it is also in a splendid lakefront location. The dog may not appreciate that the contemporary style of this home won it a 2011 Gold Nugget Merit Award, but he probably likes the ample backyard and boat dock.

These houses prove that beautiful design can be functional and make ever member of the family happy.


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