Toasty in Bed

Having a hard time deciding whether to curl up in bed or curl up by the fire? Why choose one when you could do both at the same time with a fireplace in your bedroom? Before central heating took over it was a necessity to have a fireplace in the bedroom. These days it is a luxury to sleep by a roaring fire as well as wonderfully romantic. If you may be thinking that a return to the past would make your winter more pleasant then check out these three bedrooms to get inspired.

With all those windows it is easy to see why this house is called the Casa del Sol, but when the sun does down it is the perfect time to use the beautiful stone fireplace.


A bedroom does not have to be massive in size to accommodate a fireplace. True, a wood burning fireplace will require more space, but one which burns natural gas is more compact in size. They can also be turned on with a flick of a switch and you don’t need to sweep out ashes every couple of days.

If more space is available, then a pleasant seating area can be created. Built-in shelves on either side of the fireplace hold mementos and keep books within easy reach of comfortable chairs. Even though the lounge space feels separate from the sleeping area the soothing crackle of fire can still be heard while in bed.


Have any ideas come to mind as to how a fireplace can be incorporated into your bedroom? Drop us a line and we will be happy to discuss the design process with you.


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