The Northwest Perspective

The gorgeous Pacific Northwest is known for having a relaxed yet refined style. Simplicity and functionality play key rolls in everything from our clothes to our homes. An excellent example of this unique aesthetic is this very Northwest home.

Although the lines are straight, it is the variation of height and width that give interest to the design. Concrete, wood and glass are favored materials because they are versatile and, when done right, can blend into the surrounding beauty of nature.

Inside are more clean lines complimented with neutral colors to give the space a fresh and inviting atmosphere. Influences from other cultures have made their mark on the northwest style such as the Asian influence of the wood shelving. The overall simplicity of the designs allows for interesting elements and art pieces to be incorporated into the space and still look harmonious.

Kitchens are often thought of as utilitarian spaces but they can also be beautiful and inviting. Informal gatherings almost always end up in the kitchen and this bar setup allows people to spend time with the cook without getting in the way. Add to that the speakers above the cabinets and you have the perfect gathering place for family and friends.

If you are interested in have a Pacific Northwest style home of your own then give Gelotte Hommas Architecture a call so we can start designing your stylish new space.

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