Indulge Your Inner Sommelier With a Custom Wine Cellar

Wine is a passion and a past-time for many people. It is something to be enjoyed and shared, but when a collection has reached a critical mass it becomes necessary to create a space dedicated to the nectar of the gods. If you are thinking that a wine cellar may be needed in your home then check out these great designs for inspiration.

Indulge Your Inner Sommelier With a Custom Wine Cellar
Temperature and humidity are more important than space when it comes to the prefect home for wine.




Small but stylish, this wine cellar channels an old world feel with stone and wood. Not everyone needs a vast vault in which to story their wine and this example makes good use of the allotted space. The sink and added storage space enhance the functionality of the room.









If your wine collection requires more room to grow then have a look at this wine cellar fit for a manor. Three walls full of wine, plus more storage in the centerl, equal quite the party. Every inch of this space is utilized. Add in humidity controls and you can also house your fine cigars with your vintage wine.

For a truly awe inspiring wine cellar look no further than this Mediterranean inspired masterpiece. As beautiful as this space is, it does not compromise on function. Each bottle is easily accessible, making quick work to find just the one you want. Built-in display niches highlight exceptional pieces in the collection or bottles that don’t fit the standard dimensions.

All three of these wine cellars combine aesthetics with function and would add value to any home. So go ahead and grow your collection and we’ll help you create just the right space for it.


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