Stylish Stairs

Deciding to build or remodel a home usually starts with big picture ideas such as the footprint of the house and how many stories. Once the large elements are hashed out the real fun begins- details. One detail that can often be overlooked is the staircase. Yes, its main function is to connect one level to another but that doesn’t mean it can’t do its job beautifully. Here are some examples of staircases that are both functional and stylish.

At the Storybook Cottage whimsy is a keep component in the design. This staircase combines colors and textures to make it a visual highlight in the room. Wood steps and handrails give a warm and traditional feel while decorative metal work balusters are more contemporary. The entire effect works well in this enchanting home.

Fluid is the first word that comes to mind upon seeing this unique staircase of Cedar Haven. The goal of the homeowner was to create a space which blended into the natural surroundings and incorporated the feel of nature. Their success culminated in this beautiful staircase with elegant curves and a relaxing color palette.  Even the lighting fixture continues the organic design.

In contrast to the previous serpentine staircase is this angular set of stairs. Asian style is combined with Arts and Crafts influences resulting in a functional and appealing design for this Asian Ambiance home. Japanese tansu-style cabinets provide storage and style while large display steps showcase the homeowners art.

If you are thinking about building or remodeling a home and want a unique staircase then consult with Gelotte Hommas today to get the design process rolling.


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