Relax and Read a Book

Dark wood paneling, books to the ceiling and robust leather chairs are the hallmark of a home library. These spaces function as intimate meeting rooms and private sanctuaries. They can be quite grand or more on the cozy side and house more than just books.



This Arts and Crafts style library has an Asian influence and features some of the owner’s personal art collection. Beautiful built-in wood shelving creates storage space while being dramatic and stylish. The second level of shelving, complete with rolling access ladder, gives the space that classic feel.



For a more eclectic style here is the library from the lakefront Hitari home. Light colored wood and flooring create an open and bright space while still being rich and luxurious. Curated items such as the mini cannon, roaring lion and map ceiling add to the whimsy of the room.

Whether your tastes are classic or more contemporary Gelotte Hommas can help you design and build a private library that fits your needs.






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