A Place to Park the Car

It seems to get harder and harder every day to find parking. Big cities and small town alike just don’t have space for all our cars. At home, however, their should always be ample parking. And if you build a dream garage then there always will be. Whether you have a classic car collection or just want to make sure all your guests have covered parking, a luxury garage is a wonderful addition to your home.

The Car Lodge is a one-floor garage that boasts a huge open-space area for the client’s many automobiles.
The Car Lodge is a one-floor garage that boasts a car lift and work area.


Restoring vintage cars is a passion for many and if you share that passion then a custom garage is the perfect addition to your home. This garage at the aptly named Car Lodge has plenty of space to restore and display a multitude of cars- all attached to a cedar-shingled home for the human occupants.




The Garaj- Mahal and Car Lodge are two fantastic examples of custome garage design.
The Garaj-Mahal is a sleek monument to the beauty of classic cars.

The Garaj-Mahal is a two story man cave complete with a kitchenette and workout room. An open-air walkway allows you to view the gleaming collection of cars from above while bringing you eye level with the helicopter suspended from the ceiling. On the outside the building sports a relaxed Pacific Northwest design that belays the treasures within.





Need a place to store your cars? Gelotte Hommas can design a garage for even the largest collection.



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