Home is Where the Paws Are

Dog owners know the joy of coming home to a wagging tail and excited howls. We love our pets and want them to be happy and comfortable. This includes designing homes that cater to their needs. Here are a few dogs who are very happy with all the amenities of their new homes.

This grey hounds lives a fairy tale life in this remodeled Storybook Cottage. Large windows let in the light and warm the room which makes this couch the perfect napping spot.


It is a lucky chocolate lab who gets to call this house, with woods outback, home. Wide hallways and an open floor plan make it easy to chase a ball inside when the weather outside is too nasty for a walk. The stylish concrete floors not only look good but make it easy to clean up any accidents.


Golden retrievers are known for their love of water and this one is in heaven. Not only does this house have a pool but it is also in a splendid lakefront location. The dog may not appreciate that the contemporary style of this home won it a 2011 Gold Nugget Merit Award, but he probably likes the ample backyard and boat dock.

These houses prove that beautiful design can be functional and make ever member of the family happy.


Toasty in Bed

Having a hard time deciding whether to curl up in bed or curl up by the fire? Why choose one when you could do both at the same time with a fireplace in your bedroom? Before central heating took over it was a necessity to have a fireplace in the bedroom. These days it is a luxury to sleep by a roaring fire as well as wonderfully romantic. If you may be thinking that a return to the past would make your winter more pleasant then check out these three bedrooms to get inspired.

With all those windows it is easy to see why this house is called the Casa del Sol, but when the sun does down it is the perfect time to use the beautiful stone fireplace.


A bedroom does not have to be massive in size to accommodate a fireplace. True, a wood burning fireplace will require more space, but one which burns natural gas is more compact in size. They can also be turned on with a flick of a switch and you don’t need to sweep out ashes every couple of days.

If more space is available, then a pleasant seating area can be created. Built-in shelves on either side of the fireplace hold mementos and keep books within easy reach of comfortable chairs. Even though the lounge space feels separate from the sleeping area the soothing crackle of fire can still be heard while in bed.


Have any ideas come to mind as to how a fireplace can be incorporated into your bedroom? Drop us a line and we will be happy to discuss the design process with you.


How to Keep Toasty Warm During Winter

Winter officially began on December 22nd, but the chilly weather started long before then. Add to that the fact that tomorrow is Christmas and I think we all wish we were cuddled up by a roaring fire drinking egg nog and roasting chestnuts. Or at the very least just warming our toes. Alas, my home is lacking in this department, so this year I am asking Santa for one of these gorgeous fireplaces.

This stone fireplace embodies that rustic cabin feel. The wood mantel and side cabinets compliment the natural color of the stone and adds storage which always seems to be in short supply. Sitting by this fire after having spent time on the serene lake outside the window would be a pleasant experience indeed.

For a more genteel look this fireplace combines functionality with sophistication. Being built into the wall allows the fireplace to be the center of attention without taking up too much space in the room. The steel and glass grating is a modern hint encompassed by classic stone and wood molding to create a cohesive design.

For a truly modern fireplace look no further than this stunning example. The size ensures that all your guests will be toasty warm as well as making it the focal point for the room. The straight lines and rectangular shapes allow the color and texture of the stone to be the real star.

A beautiful fireplace draws the eye and makes a room feel cozy and inviting. Gelotte Hommas Architecture may not be Santa Claus, but we can design and build you a gorgeous fireplace to gather around with your friends and family.

The Northwest Perspective

The gorgeous Pacific Northwest is known for having a relaxed yet refined style. Simplicity and functionality play key rolls in everything from our clothes to our homes. An excellent example of this unique aesthetic is this very Northwest home.

Although the lines are straight, it is the variation of height and width that give interest to the design. Concrete, wood and glass are favored materials because they are versatile and, when done right, can blend into the surrounding beauty of nature.

Inside are more clean lines complimented with neutral colors to give the space a fresh and inviting atmosphere. Influences from other cultures have made their mark on the northwest style such as the Asian influence of the wood shelving. The overall simplicity of the designs allows for interesting elements and art pieces to be incorporated into the space and still look harmonious.

Kitchens are often thought of as utilitarian spaces but they can also be beautiful and inviting. Informal gatherings almost always end up in the kitchen and this bar setup allows people to spend time with the cook without getting in the way. Add to that the speakers above the cabinets and you have the perfect gathering place for family and friends.

If you are interested in have a Pacific Northwest style home of your own then give Gelotte Hommas Architecture a call so we can start designing your stylish new space.

Festivities and the Force

The Holidays are always a fun and festive time of year, but this year they are particularly exciting for Star Wars fans. In honor of the release of the newest movie, the Sheraton Hotel in Downtown Seattle decided to make their 23rd annual gingerbread display have a Star Wars theme. Six local architecture firms, including Gelotte Hommas Architecture, took part in the competition and created truly magical edible masterpieces.

The scale of these creations are massive while even the tiniest details are expertly executed. The architects worked in conjunction with the chefs at the Sheraton to recreate scenes from the original movies. The giant gingerbread displays are now open for public viewing in the lobby of the Sheraton Hotel from now until January 3rd. Admission is free but all donations will go to Northwest chapter of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund.

Alylah Maasen, almost 5, of Renton looks up at the Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back display, depicting the battle on the ice planet Hoth, at the Star Wars-themed 23rd Annual Gingerbread Village,  "May the Holidays Be With You," at the Sheraton Seattle Hotel on Sunday, Dec. 6, 2015. Visitors can stop by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for free, but a $5 donation per person is encouraged and will benefit research for a type 1 diabetes cure through the JDRF Northwest Chapter. The village is open through January 3 of next year.
Alylah Maasen, almost 5, of Renton looks up at the Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back display, depicting the battle on the ice planet Hoth, at the Star Wars-themed 23rd Annual Gingerbread Village, “May the Holidays Be With You,” at the Sheraton Seattle Hotel on Sunday, Dec. 6, 2015.

As an added bonus, on the evening of Saturday, December 19th, staff from Gelotte Hommas Architecture will be at the hotel in costume, handing out candy to celebrate the force awakening and the holiday season.

Even if you are not a super fan of the Star Wars movies these creations are still a fun and festive outing for the entire family. And to add a little connection to our neck of the universe, the designers added in references to Seattle, such as the Space Needle and even Bertha the tunneling machine. So take a break from the hectic holiday shopping and lose yourself in a galaxy far far away.

Indulge Your Inner Sommelier With a Custom Wine Cellar

Wine is a passion and a past-time for many people. It is something to be enjoyed and shared, but when a collection has reached a critical mass it becomes necessary to create a space dedicated to the nectar of the gods. If you are thinking that a wine cellar may be needed in your home then check out these great designs for inspiration.

Indulge Your Inner Sommelier With a Custom Wine Cellar
Temperature and humidity are more important than space when it comes to the prefect home for wine.




Small but stylish, this wine cellar channels an old world feel with stone and wood. Not everyone needs a vast vault in which to story their wine and this example makes good use of the allotted space. The sink and added storage space enhance the functionality of the room.









If your wine collection requires more room to grow then have a look at this wine cellar fit for a manor. Three walls full of wine, plus more storage in the centerl, equal quite the party. Every inch of this space is utilized. Add in humidity controls and you can also house your fine cigars with your vintage wine.

For a truly awe inspiring wine cellar look no further than this Mediterranean inspired masterpiece. As beautiful as this space is, it does not compromise on function. Each bottle is easily accessible, making quick work to find just the one you want. Built-in display niches highlight exceptional pieces in the collection or bottles that don’t fit the standard dimensions.

All three of these wine cellars combine aesthetics with function and would add value to any home. So go ahead and grow your collection and we’ll help you create just the right space for it.


LUXE Battle of the Chefs

At Gelotte Hommas Architecture creating amazing custom homes may be our passion, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun and give back to the community. In September our own Scott Hommas participated in LUXE Magazine’s Battle of the Chefs. The event took place at the beautiful Dellile Wine cellars in Woodenville with a huge crowd in attendance.



World class designers put their skills to the test and the results were magnificent. It was great to see old friends and make new ones while enjoying a little friendly competition.







Time was limited and the pressure was on. Only one hour to create a dish that would wow the judges while including a secret ingredient. We didn’t win the battle but our team was awarded “Best Use of Secret Ingredient in Appetizer and Side Dish” as a testament to our creativity.




In the end it was a great day. We enjoyed catching up with those we have worked with previously and meeting more great designers to collaborate with in the future. As for a culinary career- we’ll stick with architecture.

You can also catch a glimpse of Principal Curt Gelotte in the newest issue of LUXE Magazine as an attender of BOTC.

Curt Gelotte in LUXE Magazine
Curt Gelotte in LUXE Magazine











Stylish Stairs

Deciding to build or remodel a home usually starts with big picture ideas such as the footprint of the house and how many stories. Once the large elements are hashed out the real fun begins- details. One detail that can often be overlooked is the staircase. Yes, its main function is to connect one level to another but that doesn’t mean it can’t do its job beautifully. Here are some examples of staircases that are both functional and stylish.

At the Storybook Cottage whimsy is a keep component in the design. This staircase combines colors and textures to make it a visual highlight in the room. Wood steps and handrails give a warm and traditional feel while decorative metal work balusters are more contemporary. The entire effect works well in this enchanting home.

Fluid is the first word that comes to mind upon seeing this unique staircase of Cedar Haven. The goal of the homeowner was to create a space which blended into the natural surroundings and incorporated the feel of nature. Their success culminated in this beautiful staircase with elegant curves and a relaxing color palette.  Even the lighting fixture continues the organic design.

In contrast to the previous serpentine staircase is this angular set of stairs. Asian style is combined with Arts and Crafts influences resulting in a functional and appealing design for this Asian Ambiance home. Japanese tansu-style cabinets provide storage and style while large display steps showcase the homeowners art.

If you are thinking about building or remodeling a home and want a unique staircase then consult with Gelotte Hommas today to get the design process rolling.


Relax and Read a Book

Dark wood paneling, books to the ceiling and robust leather chairs are the hallmark of a home library. These spaces function as intimate meeting rooms and private sanctuaries. They can be quite grand or more on the cozy side and house more than just books.



This Arts and Crafts style library has an Asian influence and features some of the owner’s personal art collection. Beautiful built-in wood shelving creates storage space while being dramatic and stylish. The second level of shelving, complete with rolling access ladder, gives the space that classic feel.



For a more eclectic style here is the library from the lakefront Hitari home. Light colored wood and flooring create an open and bright space while still being rich and luxurious. Curated items such as the mini cannon, roaring lion and map ceiling add to the whimsy of the room.

Whether your tastes are classic or more contemporary Gelotte Hommas can help you design and build a private library that fits your needs.






A Place to Park the Car

It seems to get harder and harder every day to find parking. Big cities and small town alike just don’t have space for all our cars. At home, however, their should always be ample parking. And if you build a dream garage then there always will be. Whether you have a classic car collection or just want to make sure all your guests have covered parking, a luxury garage is a wonderful addition to your home.

The Car Lodge is a one-floor garage that boasts a huge open-space area for the client’s many automobiles.
The Car Lodge is a one-floor garage that boasts a car lift and work area.


Restoring vintage cars is a passion for many and if you share that passion then a custom garage is the perfect addition to your home. This garage at the aptly named Car Lodge has plenty of space to restore and display a multitude of cars- all attached to a cedar-shingled home for the human occupants.




The Garaj- Mahal and Car Lodge are two fantastic examples of custome garage design.
The Garaj-Mahal is a sleek monument to the beauty of classic cars.

The Garaj-Mahal is a two story man cave complete with a kitchenette and workout room. An open-air walkway allows you to view the gleaming collection of cars from above while bringing you eye level with the helicopter suspended from the ceiling. On the outside the building sports a relaxed Pacific Northwest design that belays the treasures within.





Need a place to store your cars? Gelotte Hommas can design a garage for even the largest collection.