Beautiful Bathrooms

Relaxing in a steaming hot bath is a wonderful feeling after battling the cold and rain of winter. And if that bath happens to be in a beautiful bathroom then all the better. Here are three examples of bathtubs, and their accompanying bathrooms, that create a special space for rejuvenation.

A skylight is the perfect alternative to a window since you’ll maintain your privacy while being able to increase the amount of natural light in your bathroom and add a bit of luxury to your bathroom.
A skylight lets light in without sacrificing privacy.



A claw foot bathtub makes an elegant statement in this pale yellow bathroom. A large skylight floods the space with light and makes the space look even larger than it is. Chandeliers and wall sconces combine with the bathtub to create a truly palatial bathing area. More photographs of this bathroom fit for a queen can be seen here.








Asymmetrical ceilings add charm and character to this New England-inspired bathroom.
Asymmetrical ceilings add charm and character to this bathroom.




Claw foots are not the only freestanding tub option. This pedestal tub brings a touch of whimsy to this Northeast-inspired home. And with two sinks, squabbles about who makes a bigger mess will be kept to a minimum.








master bath design tips
Small spaces don’t mean you have to skimp on luxuries.







Just because your bathroom is on the smaller side doesn’t mean it can’t be as decadent as a larger one. Case in point, this Houghton home bathroom comes with both a full size bathtub and glass encased shower. But best of all, while you soak your cares away the fireplaces at your feet will keep you warm even after the water gets cold.



Does your bathroom need a remodel to make it a tranquil space? Gelotte Hommas can help you design and remodel your bathroom so that you will never want to get out of the tub.



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