Let in the Light


Sunlight is a requirement for life. So why wouldn’t you let as much light into your home as possible? Big beautiful windows brighten a home and have the added benefit of offering nearly unobstructed views. Below are three examples of homes that use windows to brighten and enliven their main living area.

transparency in the home
A wall of windows offers gorgeous views from the main living area of this Lakefront home.  


Windows and doors become one at this Splendid Lakefront home. During the colder months the glass doors are shut- letting in only the breathtaking view. When the weather warms, the doors can be opened to create a seamless transition from indoors to outdoors. Smaller windows above the doors continue the home’s contemporary design and warm woodwork.

One of the best parts about high end homes, as the Sandwith Estate demonstrates, is the sheer amount of embellishment that can be put into them.
The scale of these windows at the Sandwith Estate add to the opulence of this sitting room. 






A high ceiling combined with double story windows flood this Sandwith Estate home with light. Large windows such as these offer amazing views even from the second story balcony. Combine these windows with soft cream colors and you have a relaxing and elegant space to wow your guests.


The Villa at San Sebastian is exhudes a light and airy atmosphere that's spacious, free flowing, and lets in lots of sunlight.
Light and dark combine to create drama at the Villa of San Sebastian





If two whole stories of windows is not enough light for you, then a skylight can always be added. This Villa home is awash with light thanks to its many windows and peak roof skylight. Dark wood trim contrasts the light cascading through the windows to create a more dramatic feel.




Need more light in your life? Gelotte Hommas Architecture can help you remodel your home to let the sun shine in or design you a completely new space in which to bask in luminous luxury.

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