Envy Worthy Entryways

Curb appeal may be a hot buzzword, but it is true that the visual impact of a home sets the tone for what is inside. Should the entrance to your home be large and monumental, giving a sense of opulence and grandeur? Or would something more understated and contemporary fit the home better? Here are a few examples of envy worthy entryways.

The Tuscan home design boasts numerous elements that you typically find in the Mediterranean style, from the grand arches and pillars that frame the entrances.
Circular windows appear often in Tuscan style homes.

This Tuscan style home features an entryway that is elegant and welcoming.  Stately columns emphasis the doorway and ground the old world arch above.


If your tastes are more contemporary then perhaps this entryway at our House in a Mountain Meadow will catch your eye. Wood and glass, combined with ample lighting, create a very welcoming entryway for this contemporary northwest home.

Quintessential mountain homes, like our House in a Mountain Meadow, are havens from the hustle and bustle of urban living.
Covered entryways are a must have for the drizzly weather of the Pacific Northwest.







Or maybe ‘bigger is better’ is your philosophy when it comes to the entrance to your home. This Lakefront Gothic home makes quite the impression, particularly when you arrive by boat. You will feel like royalty coming home to this palatial view each day.

The philosophy behind European Gothic designs like our Lakefront Gothic is "Go big or go home".
Although the front of this Lakefront Gothic home is beautiful, the back is absolutely stunning.


From intimate to opulent, the entrance to your home sets the stage for what is to come. In future post we will look at interior elements to incorporate into your dream home. Or, if you are ready to start designing your own haven, contact Gelotte Hommas Architecture today.

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