This Seaside Bathroom is Sure to Wow

Asymmetrical ceilings add charm and character to this New England-inspired bathroom.
Asymmetrical ceilings add charm and character to this New England-inspired bathroom.

Dreaming of a spa-like master bath? Gelotte Hommas architects designed a stunner of a bathroom in their Cape Cod inspired home, Northeast by Northwest. Here are some of the design features that make this beautiful bathroom so enviable:

  • A dramatic ceiling brings a touch of romance. Traditional Cape Cod’s include sharply steepled roofs. This design aspect is apparent in Northeast by Northwest’s master bath, with a few additional twists. The sky-high ceiling is punctuated where walls were added to include a water closet and walk-in shower. The area above the bathtub is also steepled, creating an alcove with recessed lighting that highlights the area. A simple chandelier and sconces add to the charm.
  • Sand tones compliment the stunning ocean views. This bathroom has several windows, including those above the bathtub that let in light and views of the crystal clear ocean water below. The sand toned tiling, countertops, and walls underscore these relaxing views. The mirrors on the adjacent wall give the appearance that the sea is surrounding the room on three sides.
  • Elegant white built-ins add character and plenty of room for storage. The crown moldings that appear along the top of the built-ins add to the period charm of the room. With the built-ins concentrated along one wall, the room feels open and spacious.

If you’re interested in including a luxurious bathroom in your dream home, contact Gelotte Hommas Architects for a design consultation.

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