Glassworks Remodel Dazzles with Middle Eastern Charm

Gelotte Hommas turned this traditional backyard into an exotic oasis with their Glassworks Remodel.
Gelotte Hommas turned this traditional backyard into an exotic oasis with their Glassworks Remodel.

Thinking about spicing up your outdoor living space? Gelotte Hommas architects took a traditional backyard set-up and turned into a beautiful Moroccan themed oasis with their project, Glassworks Remodel. Below are some of the unique and dynamic design elements that were used to transform this backyard into an exotic retreat:

Two outdoor spaces were added to this gorgeous backyard. One space is used as a covered seating area; the other is an outdoor kitchen and dining area. Both spaces are connected by the indoor kitchen and dining area. This portion of the house works as a hallway between the two spaces and is excellent for entertaining guests both inside and out.

Beautiful red panels cap the outer edge of the outdoor seating area, supported by rich, dark wood beams. This space also includes unique wood details as a few of the beams have inserts carved in the shape of elephants.

The most arresting aspect of this space is easily the outdoor fireplace. This unique, stone hearth exudes both warmth and character. Amber-toned tiling among the stones and an asymmetrical mantle make this fireplace a truly distinguishing design feature.

With its direct connection to the indoor dining area, the outdoor kitchen is both charming and convenient. The amber tones continue with the eye-catching counter top and a multitude of lanterns ensures that both spaces will be well lit no matter what time of day. This space comes complete with an outdoor sink, dishwasher, and built-in barbeque. Both areas include hanging heat lamps so that the backyard can be enjoyed from season to season.

If you’re interested in spicing up your outdoor space, contact us today for a design consultation. We look forward to giving you the backyard of your dreams!

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