Open Up Your Living Room with These Bold Built-Ins

The built-ins in Northwest Perspective elegantly display a variety of books and artwork.
The built-ins in Northwest Perspective elegantly display a variety of books and artwork.

Historically a staple of traditional architecture, built-in shelving has a beauty and elegance that elevates it far beyond being a simple storage solution. For those that enjoy the functionality of a built-in, but have a more modern design aesthetic, the Gelotte Hommas designed Northwest Perspective incorporates built-in shelving with a fresh, contemporary twist.

In contrast to the painted, symmetrical built-ins that appear in traditional architecture, the built-ins in Northwest Perspective are a warm, natural wooden tone and each unit of shelving is varied dramatically in size to accommodate art and books. Most startling of all is that these built-ins are backless and connect the living room with the hallway, while still creating distinct spaces.

These built-ins create sightlines between the living room and the hallway beyond. This design is ideal for those who enjoy the functionality of an open-concept layout, while still wanting to maintain some of the intimacy of a closed-concept space.

Additionally, this shelving is ideal for displaying books, art, and pictures. Because the shelves are double-sided, homeowners can get creative with how they choose to decorate. They can display pieces that are symmetrical from both sides, so they look the same whether you’re standing in the living room or the hallway, or they can incorporate pieces that look different depending on if you’re looking at them from the front or the back.

If you want help giving traditional design elements a contemporary feel, please contact Gelotte Hommas Architects for a consultation.

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