Bask in the Summer Sun at Lakefront Splendor

A unique dining table enhances the outdoor entertainment space at Lakefront Splendor.
A unique dining table enhances the outdoor entertainment space at Lakefront Splendor.

Outdoor space is important, especially if you live somewhere as beautiful as the Pacific Northwest. It’s hard to find anywhere that equals the Northwest in sunny, mild summers, and having the outdoor amenities to fully appreciate the good weather is a must. Designed by Gelotte Hommas Architecture, Lakefront Splendor is a stunning, contemporary example of how to make the most of your outdoor space. Here are some tips on how we best utilized the space:

  • Incorporate decks to get your best possible view. Lakefront Splendor includes decks both off the master bedroom and in the living and dining rooms. With retractable floor to ceiling windows, these decks give the rooms great connection to the outside space, even during the winter months. Enjoy a nice breeze from inside, or relax on the comfy outdoor seating.
  • Entertain at night with a cozy fire pit. Surrounded by comfortable seating, a fire pit is an excellent entertainment option for guests. Enjoy s’mores and a bonfire while taking in the beautiful lakeside view.
  • Soak up the sun with a pool and a garden. Instead of having to choose between a luscious lawn and a sparkling swimming pool, this property designed the pool area to be off to the side, leaving room for homeowners and guests to enjoy both areas equally.
  • Host BBQs and formal dinners with an array of outdoor dining tables. This property features both traditional and non-traditional dining tables, including a table that holds a fire pit in the center. Either table is perfect for a low-key BBQ or an elegant evening.

If you’re hoping your dream home will include some or all of these amazing elements, contact Gelotte Hommas today to help you achieve your vision!

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