From the Outside In, These Unique Design Elements are Sure to Wow

Cabin on Lake Wenatchee's unique exterior is a contemporary twist on traditional rustic charm.
Cabin on Lake Wenatchee’s unique exterior is a contemporary twist on traditional rustic charm.

Both inside and out, the Gelotte Hommas designed Cabin on Lake Wenatchee contains many special design features that make it a truly unique home. Here are some of our favorite elements from this welcoming vacation retreat.

The outside of the house manages to combine a chic modern exterior with the rustic feel one would typically associate with a cabin. Corrugated metal siding adds modern lines and an industrial feel to the cabin’s external walls. Exposed wooden beams, a green roof, and a rock-lined foundation counterbalance the metal siding and keep the home feeling rustic. A custom carved front door lends the exterior welcoming charm.

The industrial inspired motifs continue on inside of the home with beautiful concrete flooring. This unique flooring option is durable and long-lasting. The concrete flooring is naturally warmer than wood flooring would be, and so it surprisingly adds to the overall coziness of the cabin.

The house is dotted with several unexpected pops of color that add personality and charm to its design. The kitchen houses rich, red cabinets and contains a frenetic, multicolored backsplash. Avocado colored walls adorn the bedroom and warm up the space.

The exposed wooden slats throughout the house continue the blending of rustic and modern, with the lightly colored wood brightening up the main living area. Nowhere is this deign element better utilized than with the wooden staircase that blends in almost seamlessly with the rock-faced fireplace.

If you’re interested in incorporating quirky charm into your dream vacation home, contact Gelotte Hommas Architects today!

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