Make the Most of the Sun In Your Coastal Vacation Home

Gelotte Hommas can help you create the perfect vacation home for you and your family.
Gelotte Hommas can help you create the perfect vacation home for you and your family.

Owning a vacation home is particularly wonderful way to escape the daily grind of life, and if you’re lucky enough to be able to have one, you probably want to make it as special for you and your family as possible. However, knowing how to do that, especially with a busy schedule or if you’re building from the ground up, can be downright difficult. That’s where vacation home architects Gelotte Hommas Architecture can come in and help. Whatever your style, Gelotte Hommas architecture can help you craft a home that you and your family will enjoy for years and years to come.

  • Gelotte Hommas Architecture can design your home from the bottom up. Even if you haven’t found a lot for your house yet, we can help you begin the process of looking for the perfect space and thinking about what you really want in a vacation home.
  • Our skilled architects can give you something beautiful and practical. Of course you want your dream vacation home, but if you have three kids and pets, that might mean something different to you than a single man or woman. You need to craft the vacation home of your dreams – not the one somebody else has always imagined spending time in.
  • We can help you come up with unique design ideas for your home. Whether we help you build the whole thing or just work on your interior styling, our ideas are interesting, modern and unique. Don’t settle for designers who can’t help you with the building process and perfect all of those details in your home that really add up to something special.

Contact Gelotte Hommas Architecture to learn more about our vacation home architects. We can help you with all of your projects, no matter what your style and needs.

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