Kirkland Pacific Northwest Home

This traditional style bungalow was designed with all the classic features of a craftsman style home.

With its rustic and warm appearance, Pacific Northwestern architecture embodies the comfortable and inviting atmosphere of Northwestern America. Pacific Northwestern style homes are considered craftsman bungalows, whose main influence comes from the English Arts and Crafts movement of the late 19th century. Known for their use of beamed ceilings, wood shingles & stained glass, these bungalows give off a welcoming aura that pulls guests inside to a cozy living space. Our Kirkland Bungalow is a perfect example of this relaxed yet elegant style of architecture.

Impressive in size and sylvan in style,The Kirkland Bungalow employs rustic themes to imbue the home with warmth and comfort. The exterior boasts a brick foundation as well as wood shingle siding. Taken directly from craftsman home designs, the wooden pillars on the porch and the overhangs and eaves of the roof give a sturdy look to the exterior of the home.

Beautiful stained and leaded glass windows adorn the stairwells and doors of this Kirkland home, while multi-paned skylights brighten the living room and kitchen. Dark wooden ceiling beams, wainscoting, and molding contrast the light colored walls to balance out the rooms. Other craftsman details inside of the home include the use of built-in shelves, cabinets and seating. Craftsman homes are known for their functionality as well as the handcrafted aesthetic that lends to their contented charm.

Our Kirkland Bungalow implements traditional elements of the Pacific Northwestern style home while retaining its unique homey feel. Be sure to explore our website and look at some of our other award winning home designs. Contact us at Gelotte Hommas for additional information or advice concerning your home design.

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