The Farmhouse – A Luxury Home Inspired by the Past

The Stone Farmhouse is a fantastic example of how sometimes the old architecture can work the best.
The Stone Farmhouse is a fantastic example of how sometimes the old architecture can work the best.

Sometimes, what works best is not new and innovative but old and time-tested. For a perfect example, look no further than this Stone Farmhouse situated in the flowing landscape of Eastern Washington.

The Stone Farmhouse was inspired by the historic farmhouses of Pennsylvania, which were largely constructed out of wood and stone. The stone exterior, composed of one of the few building materials that has been with us since the beginning of human civilization, serves as both a nod to the past and as an anchor that connects the home’s design with the broad and sweeping landscape.

Stone’s appeal isn’t just historical- it’s beautiful to look at, the maintenance cost of stone is low, and it has long been looked to as one of the most durable building materials available. As one of the most permanent of materials, stone buildings can stand for centuries, allowing for several generations to enjoy the home.

Stone without purpose is still only a material. Our expertise and experience helped us take this great material, and craft a story and a design that utilizes its best features. As an example of the care and consideration that we put into each one of our projects, take the time to examine the large covered porches. Not only do they decorate the exterior and provide additional living space, their overhangs help keep the hot summer sun from penetrating into the house- helping your family remain comfortable. At the same time, their presence creates the perfect place for people to meet, whether to socialize or to look out upon the rolling landscape.

If farmhouse homes sound like what you have been searching for, then contact us at Gelotte Hommas Architecture to get started with the design process as soon as possible. Alternatively, if you are interested in traditional homes in general, check out our portfolio to see more examples of what we can do for you.

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