An Escape from the City – Cabin in Suncadia by Gelotte Hommas

Our Cabin in Suncadia is created using wooden elements of mountain architecture intertwined with contemporary design's metal, creating a fabulous fusion of new and old design styles.
Our Cabin in Suncadia is created using wooden elements of mountain architecture intertwined with contemporary design’s metal, creating a fabulous fusion of new and old design styles.

Inspired by the mountainous wilderness surrounding the popular vacation destination Suncadia Resort, Cabin in Suncadia was designed to perfectly utilize the warm tones of nature in unison with a rustic, inviting structure.

The area surrounding Suncadia is a hot spot for cabins and vacation homes, where families can escape the stress and bustle of city life. Cabins continue to be popular vacation homes since they complement the beautiful natural surroundings that Washington is so well known for while also providing an atmosphere that is warm and inviting.

Inspired by the area and his experiences growing up in the relative wilds of Montana, Cabin in Suncadia’s architect Scott Hommas looked towards mountain architecture when designing the vacation home near Roslyn, WA. The use of wood, a traditional element often found in cabin home designs, is uniquely combined with the use of metal for a more contemporary design that still retained a mountain home aesthetic.

Our Cabin in Suncadia boasts 2,300 square feet and consists of a master suite on the main level, a second bedroom upstairs along with third, bonus upstairs room. The dining room opens expansively to a covered porch in the back of the house. Plenty of large windows allow the homeowners to soak in the views of the great outdoors. For cold nights, a stunning two-sided fireplace anchors the great room- giving families an area to gather and relax together.

The Cabin in Suncadia is just one example of our many cabin home designs. To learn more information about cabin homes, or to hear more about The Cabin in Suncadia, be sure to contact us at Gelotte Hommas today.

The Farmhouse – A Luxury Home Inspired by the Past

The Stone Farmhouse is a fantastic example of how sometimes the old architecture can work the best.
The Stone Farmhouse is a fantastic example of how sometimes the old architecture can work the best.

Sometimes, what works best is not new and innovative but old and time-tested. For a perfect example, look no further than this Stone Farmhouse situated in the flowing landscape of Eastern Washington.

The Stone Farmhouse was inspired by the historic farmhouses of Pennsylvania, which were largely constructed out of wood and stone. The stone exterior, composed of one of the few building materials that has been with us since the beginning of human civilization, serves as both a nod to the past and as an anchor that connects the home’s design with the broad and sweeping landscape.

Stone’s appeal isn’t just historical- it’s beautiful to look at, the maintenance cost of stone is low, and it has long been looked to as one of the most durable building materials available. As one of the most permanent of materials, stone buildings can stand for centuries, allowing for several generations to enjoy the home.

Stone without purpose is still only a material. Our expertise and experience helped us take this great material, and craft a story and a design that utilizes its best features. As an example of the care and consideration that we put into each one of our projects, take the time to examine the large covered porches. Not only do they decorate the exterior and provide additional living space, their overhangs help keep the hot summer sun from penetrating into the house- helping your family remain comfortable. At the same time, their presence creates the perfect place for people to meet, whether to socialize or to look out upon the rolling landscape.

If farmhouse homes sound like what you have been searching for, then contact us at Gelotte Hommas Architecture to get started with the design process as soon as possible. Alternatively, if you are interested in traditional homes in general, check out our portfolio to see more examples of what we can do for you.

Where Mountain Meets Modern: House in a Mountain Meadow

Quintessential mountain homes, like our House in a Mountain Meadow, are havens from the hustle and bustle of urban living.
Quintessential mountain homes, like our House in a Mountain Meadow, are havens from the hustle and bustle of urban living.

To many, a home in the mountains is seen as the perfect place to live. Since they tend to be isolated, mountain residences can provide peace from the frenetic pace of the cities. They’re also elevated over the surrounding landscape, allowing their owners to experience spectacular views that can be found nowhere else daily. These characteristics, along with the experiences and atmosphere that mountain living offers, make mountain homes well-suited to people who prefer private and peaceful surroundings.

But, mountain living should no longer be equated with log cabins or wood-burning stoves. Homes in mountainous regions have transformed, and nothing proves this better than the House in a Mountain Meadow – an excellent example of how the team at Gelotte Hommas can adapt a home to its surroundings without compromising on the quality of life for its intended occupants.

The House in a Mountain Meadow sits low to the ground, and was designed with intriguing mix of the old and the modern as represented by the unique combination of wood and concrete – allowing the House in a Mountain Meadow to make an impression without detracting from the nature and the views that surround it.

Though the House in a Mountain Meadow could afford to sprawl due to the nature and size of the lot, its clever use of positioning to create smaller and more intimidate settings enforces the feeling of coziness that is so essential to the home. This “warmth” is strengthened by the use of neutral colors and a dedication throughout the home to complement the environment with architectural design.

Please contact us if you are intrigued by contemporary mountain design homes. Or, you can check out our portfolio if you are more interested in our work on contemporary homes in general.

Travel Back to the Old World With Mediterranean and Tuscan Architecture

Mediterranean style homes, like our Sammamish Tuscan home, feature a traditional color scheme of dark beige sandstone on their exterior.
Mediterranean style homes, like our Sammamish Tuscan home, feature a traditional color scheme of dark beige sandstone on their exterior.

Neutral tones, expansive windows, and natural shapes characterize the Mediterranean style of architecture. Relaxing and inspiring, Mediterranean and Tuscan style homes have a timeless appeal that draws people in, making them feel comfortable and welcome.

One of the most defining characteristics of these homes is the color scheme. Much like our Sammamish Tuscan masterpiece, Mediterranean houses use a dark beige sandstone to form the exterior. This natural earthy shade is frequently accentuated with black, maroon, or dark brown. For a more modern appeal, architects will implement black railings and window frames. Brown accents create a more traditional look. Landscapers enhance the Mediterranean feel of these homes with greenery reminiscent of the lush, verdant countryside of Tuscany. Many Mediterranean homes are accompanied by spacious, luxurious backyards with features such as herb gardens and in-ground pools.

Inside these beautiful homes you will find arched doorways, high ceilings, and pillars. These striking characteristics add a sense of elegance and nobility to the home. The same neutral shades and dark wood accents from the exterior walls carry into the home, creating fluidity as you move from the vibrant outdoors to the bright and welcoming inside. Dark wooden cabinets and stone counters augment the kitchen’s clean and dignified ambiance.

Large, picturesque windows line the sides of Mediterranean style houses, providing stunning views of the surrounding landscape. Often with rounded tops, these windows provide plenty of natural sunlight which illuminates the lustrous materials used throughout the home.

Contact Gelotte Hommas to learn more about the Mediterranean homes we’ve designed. We’d be honored to help create your Mediterranean or Tuscan-inspired home.

Catch the Ocean Breeze With Contemporary Pacific Northwestern Style Homes

Pacific Northwestern homes offer a minimalist vibe with a hint of artistic flair.
Pacific Northwestern homes offer a minimalist ambiance with a hint of artistic flair.

A new take on warm textures, smooth lines, and natural materials, the contemporary Pacific Northwestern architectural style incorporates aspects of modern engineering and sleek interior design to create a sophisticated yet welcoming home.

Thick, black framed windows line the front and sides of many Pacific Northwestern homes, creating a symmetrical and balanced look. The combination of natural wood and concrete on the exterior of these houses offers a clean-cut, soothing appearance that is enhanced with geometric designs and simple patterns. This crisp design produces a minimalist ambiance with a hint of artistic flair.

Landscaping outside Pacific Northwestern homes is typically minimal. A few attractive potted plants serve as carefully chosen accents. Spacious lawns, simple covered concrete patios, and clean-cut hedges are common with this architectural style as the landscaper doesn’t want to detract from the distinctiveness of the house.

The clean lines carry inside Pacific Northwest-style homes. Tall, rectangular pillars are frequently used to accentuate doorways. Built-in wooden shelving in hallways and libraries emphasizes the use of natural materials. Generally, the color scheme is neutral, playing on natural wood tones with light beige and white walls. Deep grays may be used on accent walls to add character.

Pacific Northwest Homes often include amenities such as fireplaces. However, unlike the ornate amenities you would find in Gothic, Mediterranean, or Spanish style architecture, contemporary style amenities will be very simple.  A geometric fireplace topped with a single piece of artwork may serve as the focal point in the living room. In the dining room, a plain bar-style table with comfortable padded chairs serves as a gathering point. Hardwood floors are used throughout the home, but area rugs in neutral tones add touches of warmth.

If you like clean lines, minimalist styles, and the use of natural materials, a Pacific Northwestern home might be best for you. Contact Gelotte Hommas to discuss your design today.