Cabin House Plans for Your New Project

Cabin on Lake Wenatchee is a fantastic example of the contemporary cabin home.
Cabin on Lake Wenatchee is a fantastic example of the contemporary cabin home.

Do you have some property on a lake that you are looking to build a home on, whether it’s a permanent residence or a vacation home? If so, you should think about building a cabin home. Cabin homes are the perfect type of homes for a property surrounded by nature, whether it’s in the woods or the mountains or by a lake.

If you don’t necessarily want an old-time or traditional cabin home, then you should think about designing a contemporary cabin home instead. Contemporary cabin homes combine the warmth and general aesthetic of traditional cabin homes with contemporary features and touches. For example, large open spaces with exposed wood ceiling beams are a staple of traditional cabin homes. However, the use of floor-to-ceiling glass windows that allow you to see the gorgeous surroundings of your home is a very contemporary design choice. Other contemporary details found in contemporary cabin homes include the use of corrugated metal siding, which although contemporary, doesn’t take away from the warmth and overall aesthetic of a traditional cabin design.

We have a lot of experience designing custom cabin homes, as evidenced by our Cabin on Lake Wenatchee. This cabin home design boasts corrugated metal exterior walls that contrast a natural stone foundation. The roof is a combination of natural wood color and green – a color that may be a contemporary touch, but is one that suits the woodsy environment around it. Inside you’ll find exposed wood beams as well as wood slat walls. Then there’s the modern firebox sits in a rustic stone surround.

Contemporary cabin homes are a great way to combine the traditional warmth of the cabin home with more contemporary design elements. Contact us at Gelotte Hommas for more information about designing your own custom cabin home today.

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