Cozy Mediterranean Home Designs

The Villa at San Sebastian is exhudes a light and airy atmosphere that's spacious, free flowing, and lets in lots of sunlight.
The Villa at San Sebastian is exhudes a light and airy atmosphere that’s spacious, free flowing, and lets in lots of sunlight.

The Mediterranean area is known as much for its architecture as it is for its rich culture, beautiful landscapes and ancient history. Mediterranean homes are unique in that their architecture is quite elegant without being overly luxurious, managing to retain certain warmth and welcoming quality – a rare combination indeed. If you are looking for these qualities in a home, then you should consider implementing a Mediterranean style design. Remember, you don’t necessarily need to be located in the Mediterranean – or even near water – to use the style.

So what exactly does a Mediterranean style home consist of? Most Mediterranean homes have a very light and airy atmosphere that is elegant without feeling stuffy. This means that the use of many large windows to let in as much sunlight as possible is very common. The use of doorway arches is quite prominent as well, both for exterior doors and interior doors, and they help to provide that sophisticated look as well as helping to keep the home feeling spacious and free flowing. The use of balconies and pillars are both common features as well.

One of the Mediterranean style homes that we are quite proud of having designed is our Villa at San Sebastian. Located in Bellevue, the home looks like it was transplanted directly from the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Arched doorways, light yellow-colored walls, orange shingles, beautiful stone pathways and a long pergola are just some of the exterior features. Inside, you’ll find an open spacious interior full of natural light, second floor balconies, pillars and stone tile floors.

If you’re looking to design a unique custom home that exudes warmth and elegance, consider a Mediterranean design. Contact us at Gelotte Hommas for more information about Mediterranean homes as well as our home design process.

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