Simple Ways to Decorate Your Home for the Fall

The weather is cooling off and the leaves are starting to fly. It must be fall! Is your home ready for this festive season? Here are some simple ideas for decorating your contemporary home this fall.

Via Houzz

Change out throws and blankets for autumn colors.

Pack your regular autumn colors into storage bags for a few months, and use some autumn colored throws and pillows instead. For a more artistic look, choose brighter colors like bright orange and vibrant red. For a more subdued look, dusty orange, sage green, and mustard yellow throws and pillows look lovely.

Decorate with painted pumpkins.

Carved pumpkins rot so quickly, and they’re really not suitable for indoor decorating. However, if you decorate some plain pumpkins by painting them with attractive designs, they’ll look good and stay in good shape in your home. Try painting just the bottoms white, or painting the tops white and adding a little glitter.

Decorate with branches in vases.

Find a few beautiful bar branches, or branches with attractive berries, and display them in vintage glass vases on your coffee table or entertainment center. They give your home an antique touch.

Outfit your entryway.

This decorating idea is both functional and attractive. Find a fall-colored bench to display in your entryway. It will make it easier to take your boots on and off when you come inside. Also, consider hanging up a coat rack painted in fall colors to store your coats and those of guests.

For help designing a contemporary home that;s easy to decorate for every changing season, contact Gelotte Hommas Architects. We’re happy to work with you to do what we do best — put the art in architecture.

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