Home Decor That Can Boost Your Mood

The way you choose to decorate your home says a lot about your personality to the guests who come inside for dinner parties and gatherings. However, your home décor is also something you live with on a daily basis, and it can greatly affect your mood in a positive or negative way. If you want to boost your mood while making your home look the best it can, use these home design inspiration tips from Gelotte Hommas Architecture to help you do exactly that. You’ll feel better about every minute you spend at home.

room with natural light
Source: Gelotte Hommas
  • Make sure your home has plenty of lighting options and gets as much natural light as possible. Use a combination of overhead lighting, task lighting like floor lamps or table lamps, and accent lighting like sconces on the wall. Using dimmer switches can also give you more control over how your home is lit from morning to late at night.
  • Bring the outside of your home in. One simple way to do this is to add French doors from your living room or kitchen to the backyard. If your home is very contemporary, large glass sliding panels may be more appropriate and produce the same effect.
  • Add more pieces of furniture with soft, rounded edges instead of hard corners. This works because rounded edges tend to make people more content. For items like glass tables or countertops, a bevel or bullnose edge can provide a rounded look.
  • Include more personal items in your décor. Small items like family photos or unique pieces of memorabilia from a trip you took can work with your home décor and make you smile each time you see them.

Contact Gelotte Hommas Architecture for more home design inspiration you can use to elevate the look of your home.

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