Bamboo Flooring for Your Home

One of the hottest trends in home construction and remodeling right now is bamboo flooring, and with good reason. Hardwood flooring is one of the most sought-after features when people are buying a new home, due to its appearance, ease of care, and low maintenance. Add to that the “eco-friendly” moniker that follows bamboo flooring, and you have a good-looking material that our company, Gelotte Hommas Architecture, loves to use.

wood flooring on a deck
Source: Gelotte Hommas

Bamboo makes a great flooring material due to its similarities to other hardwood flooring choices. Not only does it look great and withstand lots of traffic, it also naturally resists moisture, the biggest enemy of hardwood flooring.

It is officially designated as a grass, not wood like other flooring materials. It grows much faster in nature, and therefore is seen as a more renewable material. While bamboo reaches maturity in three to five years, comparable hardwoods need 20 to 120 years. The root of the bamboo plant is not removed when bamboo is harvested, meaning there is no need to replant. Also, from growing to manufacture, bamboo requires fewer harmful chemicals in the form of pesticides and fertilizers. While all hardwood flooring is treated with volatile organic chemicals in the lamination process, bamboo flooring requires far less than other types, and in some cases none at all.

Besides the environmental benefits of bamboo flooring, there’s the unique look and appeal it brings to your home. That’s another reason why our company loves to use it in a variety of styles and applications.

No matter what you have in mind for your dream home, Gelotte Hommas Architecture wants to help you make it a reality. Contact us today and let us get to work on your vision of exceptional design.

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