Architecture Ideas for Your Contemporary Home

There’s no easy way to define contemporary architecture in specific terms. In broader terms, it refers to recent styles that focus on functionality and incorporate newer construction materials. Contemporary homes also typically do not have features that are normally associated with historical architectural styles.

Some of the common characteristics of contemporary architecture include:

Contemporary architecture features
Source: Gelotte Hommas
  • Plenty of natural light. Contemporary homes have interiors that let in a lot of sunlight through skylights, oversized windows, or glass walls.
  • Open interiors. Contemporary homes have an airy atmosphere that is usually accomplished by removing interior walls and leaving beams exposed. Light-colored ceilings also help create a more open look.
  • New synthetic exteriors. Some contemporary homes have exteriors made from recently developed synthetic materials. These often have an unusual appearance, such as irregularly cut pieces of glass.
  • Natural exteriors. Other contemporary homes have natural materials for their exteriors, as well as landscaping that serves as a design feature. One of the most important elements of contemporary homes is landscaping that helps the home blend in with its natural surroundings. This feature adds visual appeal and helps moderate the home’s interior temperature by keeping it cooler in summer and warmer in winter.
  • Flat roofs with overhanging features. Contemporary homes usually have a roof that is flatter than those on more traditional homes. These roofs also have overhangs with visually striking design elements.

Our Lakefront Splendor project is a fine example of a contemporary home that contains the features listed above. This award-winning home is featured in our online portfolio.

We can design the ideal contemporary home for you. Please contact Gelotte Hommas to make an appointment, and visit us on Facebook.

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