Like the Cape Cod Style? Use These Ideas

Natural colors, a broad frame, and a steep roof characterize Cape Cod homes. Although this style originated in New England, it has been adapted to the Northwest coast. If you’re a fan of Cape Cod style homes, there are several ways to accomplish this look.

cape cod shingle style home
Source: Gelotte Hommas

These are some of the features to consider giving your home if you want it to have a Cape Cod appearance:

  • Clapboard shingles. These shingles typically appear on the exterior of Cape Cod cottages, instead of brick or siding. They give these homes a charming appearance, especially when they’re accompanied by a gabled entrance and double dormers.
  • Symmetrical layout. Many Cape Cod homes have the front door right in the center with windows and dormers on either side to create a symmetrical appearance. Some even have double chimneys to complete this look.
  • European charm. Combine Cape Cod features with European ones to create a visually stunning variation on the traditional Cape Cod style. A few ideas to consider include climbing vines, a flagstone facade, and arched entrance.
  • Gabled dormers. Most Cape Cod homes have dormers. You can add charm to yours by choosing gabled dormers instead of a plainer style. Many Cape Cod houses have double dormers, but you can have a third one put on, depending on your home’s overall look.
  • Shutters. Cape Cod houses from the Colonial Era typically have shutters, which add visual appeal to the exterior. Consider adding a white picket fence and flowers for an even more traditional look.

Despite having common aspects, Cape Cod style homes can differ greatly. For an example of a Northwestern Cape Cod style, visit our online portfolio to see a stunning home we completed.

Ready to discuss your architectural ideas in more detail? Contact Gelotte Hommas for a consultation, and follow us on Facebook.

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