Tips for Creating a Perfect Luxury Master Bath

A master bath can serve as a luxurious place to retreat to after a long day. Imagine being able to soak in your very own spa or roomy tub and enjoy the upscale surroundings you would usually find in a luxury hotel.

Here are some luxury master bath ideas to consider for your home:

Luxury master bath design
Source: Gelotte Hommas
  • Set up a spa. Create a luxury spa with an oversized tub and plenty of windows to let in natural light. If you’re concerned with privacy, have double-hung windows installed with curtains on the lower half. A marble tile floor adds more elegance, and cabinets provide storage space and hide pipes for a cleaner and less cluttered look.
  • Create a cottage look. For a cozy yet upscale master bath, consider doing a cottage-style design. You can achieve this look with wainscoting, modern lighting, sink fixtures, and several cabinets. For even more of a cottage-style effect, consider putting in double vanities and a dressing chair.
  • Go for glamour. Focus on an ivory and cream color scheme with gold fixtures to create a glamorous and sophisticated look. Other features to consider include faux-stone wallpaper or framed mirrors placed on one larger mirror and a border with a Moorish arch design.
  • Experiment. Consider doing something unusual with your master bath, such as placing the tub in a wooden enclosure instead of installing it right next to the wall.

To see a wonderful example of what you can do with your master bath, visit our online portfolio. We designed an upscale master bath in a Kirkland bungalow that can give you more luxury master bath ideas to consider.

Ready to get started on your luxury master bath project? Contact Gelotte Hommas for an appointment, and stop by our Facebook page to learn more about us.

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