Love Your Cars? Give Them a Luxurious Place to Rest

There have been some impressive achievements in man cave design in recent years. One new trend that tends to astound is the man cave/luxury garage combination that is demonstrated in this Connecticut home. Gelotte Hommas Architecture has taken on such a luxury garage project as well at a home in Seattle to create a garage of 3,000 square feet combined with a 2,600 square foot lounge area.

man cave and garage
Source: Gelotte Hommas

If you’re considering a man cave area in your home that embraces your love for cars and your car collection, consider the following luxury garage design ideas:

  • Lounge area that overlooks cars– The example shown in the Connecticut luxury garage has an upper level deck area that overlooks the cars kept down below.
  • Home automation enhancements– For the utmost in luxury, luxury garage components can be hooked up to a home automation system that will allow features such as lighting, sound, and heat to be controlled via smartphone or tablet.
  • Prepare for garage work– Obviously car lovers will want to do more than just admire their cars; they’ll want to do work on them as well. A complete luxury garage should be prepared to accommodate tinkerers with a sink area to remove wash car grease away and storage space for tools.
  • Include a patio area outside– Allow for outdoor lounging in nice weather by designating an area outdoors for a patio. Consider a romantic fireplace area as in the example of the Connecticut property.

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If you’re contemplating a design project for your home, contact us at Gelotte Hommas Architecture for information on our architectural services and our portfolio of past projects.

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