Home Building Style Ideas: the Tuscan Home

Those who are trying to settle on a new style for their home need to consider their options and their affinities. If you have a love for simple elegance and countrified sophistication, you might want to consider incorporating the Tuscan style into your home. For an example of a Tuscan interior, consider this Sammamish Tuscan project completed by Gelotte Hommas Architecture. With mosaic tile, marble, coffered ceilings, and an arched gallery, this interior shows clear Tuscan inspiration.Tuscan Style Home

For more ideas of how Gelotte Hommas could incorporate the Tuscan home style into your residence, consider the following decor ideas:

  • Incorporating outdoor spaces– A patio that allows a serene spot for sipping a cappuccino and enjoying the sun is an important part of a Tuscan country home. This patio area doesn’t have to be anything extraordinary, but it will look most genuine if constructed with stucco or stone.
  • The shuttered window– Tuscan homes don’t usually include window treatments like shades and curtains. Instead, wooden shutters are more commonly seen in homes of the Italian countryside. This creates a simple, natural look to your rooms and allows you to take advantage of natural sunlight as you please.
  • Wrought iron decor accessories– Wrought iron railings or furniture pieces are popular not only in Tuscany, but in many areas around the Mediterranean.

Leave your comments on the merits of the Tuscan home style by joining Gelotte Hommas on Facebook and posting your input.

For professional consultation on your home decor project, contact us at Gelotte Hommas Architecture. With more than three decades of experience providing architectural services to the Seattle area, we’re eager to contribute our expertise to making your home decor visions a reality.

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