Luxury Home Trends: Using Petite Pools

One of the most popular luxury home trends is pools. Some homeowners are choosing to build multiple smaller pools rather than one larger one, and at Gelotte Hommas Architecture, we have helped many customers create trendy, petite pools in their homes, so they can relax poolside with friends or fit in a pool workout before heading off to work in the morning. Here is a look at a few trends to consider when deciding whether a cool, luxurious pool is right for you.

petite pool
Source: Gelotte Hommas

Courtyard Pools – A pool that is nestled in a beautiful, well landscaped courtyard gives you the perfect spot for outdoor barbecues and parties. Surround the pool with a trendy stone patio, and situate a few lounge chairs nearby to create a truly relaxing getaway.

Simple Backyard Pool – Sometimes simplicity is better than a complicated design. A plain, rectangular, 12 by 30-foot in-ground pool surrounded by cement pavers and bright green grass gives you a place to do your swimming workout without taking up the whole yard.

Curvy Pools – Curves are becoming more common in all elements of home design, and pools are no exception. A curved pool design can help you fit a pool in your yard when one would otherwise not be an option. Some curved designs integrate shallow entrances, which are perfect if you have kids.

Single Lap Pool – If you swim primarily for exercise, consider installing a single lap pool. This will give you  place to work out, but won’t take much space. Pair it with a wooden deck to keep with the latest luxury home trends.

At Gelotte Hommas, we keep the art in architecture, aiming to make every project a masterpiece. Talk to our talented designers about your pool design ideas today.

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