Building an Artful Wine Cellar for Your Luxury Home

Just like an architectural masterpiece, wine is an art form that is meant to be thoroughly enjoyed. Don’t hide yours in a locked cupboard. Get the most out of every bottle by building an artistic wine cellar where you can display it and admire its beauty until it’s time for that first fabulous taste. Here are a few wine storage ideas to use as inspiration.

Building a wine cellar
Source: Gelotte Hommas
  • Natural stone storage units are perfect for creating a rustic look in your modern home. These prefabricated units often contain recessed lighting, making it easy to identify bottles and admire them. They range in size from several feet tall to the size of an entire basement.
  • Racking wine storage systems are perfect if your wine will be on display in a room that has a simple, minimalistic style. The wine is generally held behind glass paneling, so you can easily see every bottle. Simple pegs support the bottles, and LED lighting enhances their beauty.
  • Wall peg storage systems are a more permanent solution if you’re building a wine cellar. They consist simply of metal pegs which are inserted into the wall so that they hang parallel to the floor. Set wine bottles between two pegs in the same row to support them. Wall peg storage units can be incredibly large, and they’re easy to add to if your collection grows over time.

Reserve rack systems are great for large collections. The bottles are displayed so that the labels can easily be read. The bottles that will be consumed soon are held at angles, while those meant to be stored for longer are held flat.

Don’t forget to keep Gelotte Hommas Architecture in mind for all of your design needs. Contact us to discuss these and other wine storage ideas for your home.

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