Go Modern: Creative Doors And Windows on Your Home

There is no reason that doors and windows have to be boring; just because they are functional and necessary does not mean they can’t also be creative and interesting to look at. Modern home design allows for many different ways to make both doors and windows something exciting.

Sammamish Tuscan Property
Source: Gelotte Hommas

Skylights – Privacy concerns do not have to mean a lack of windows or natural sunlight. Skylights are perfect for areas that get a lot of sunlight. But also consider this option for a room or building that doesn’t allow for a lot of traditional windows on the sides of the building.

Big Windows – Large windows can be any size. Some windows take up an entire wall. This is a great idea to incorporate for homeowners who love the outdoors and want to experience it in its fullness. For privacy concerns, shutters and curtains are an option. Even privacy options can be creative. Electric motors that control curtains with a touch of a button or shutters that close at a certain time each evening can all be incorporated.

Sliding Doors – While most people probably envision glass sliding doors for an opening to an outdoor patio, there are more creative ways to use this type of entryway. For example, interior sliding doors can give a fluid approach to an entryway. Sliding doors that resemble a wall can give a dramatic feeling to a room.

We offer the best in modern home design creativity. Our combination of art and architecture will be sure to please, so contact us at Gelotte Hommas today.

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