Like the Craftsman Style Home? Use These Features

Craftsman style homes are breathtakingly natural. If you have been considering this style for your new home, it’s important to look at examples of existing homes to pinpoint exactly which features you want your craftsman home to have. Gelotte Hommas has worked on many homes of this type before, and one project we are especially proud of is the High Above the Water home in Anacortes, WA.

Craftsman style homes
Source: Gelotte Hommas

This home features several elements that we can help you integrate into your own design:

  • The kitchen features natural wood cabinets and large windows that allow plenty of light to stream in. This highlights the natural colors in the wood.
  • A large and dramatic great room offers a full view of the coastline. You could replicate this if your home has unique scenery that you wish to capture.
  • A spacious deck allows you to dine outside in nature.

Of course, your options are not limited to the elements that you see in this Craftsman style home. We can integrate many other features and looks into your unique build, such as:

  • Classic Craftsman-style square columns to support the facade.
  • Make the Craftsman style a little more modern by using brighter colored siding and edging, but the same clean lines and natural materials seen in classic Craftsman homes.
  • Don’t forget about stone. Many Craftsman homes have stone foundations and even store support pillars on the porches.

When you’re ready to design the Craftsman style home of your dreams, contact Gelotte Hommas. Discuss your plans with our experienced designer to discover how we can make your home even more incredible.

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