Love to Read? Make Room for Your Books With a Library

Your home should be a place in which you feel truly at ease and able to indulge in your favorite activities. If you love reading, having a library to house your books is essential. The architects at Gelotte Hommas have completed many library design projects, and we would love to help you make yours into a reality. Use these tips and ideas from our past work to create a library that’s truly your own.

Library design tips
Source: Gelotte Hommas

  • For a classic, old fashioned library, you need a few essentials. These are: a built-in wall book shelf that serves as the focal point of the room, a grand desk, some stately leather chairs and a grandfather clock.
  • If you would like a less traditional library, try working one into a unique space in your home, such as under the stair well. If there is enough space for a wall bookshelf and a cozy little table or arm chair, it will likely serve as the perfect place to curl up with a good book.
  • Entertaining in the library is also a lot of fun. Design one that serves double duty as a library and a game room. Surround the walls with built-in bookshelves, and then set up a spacious table in the center of the room. You’ll be able to play poker and explore the works of Faulkner at the same time.
  • Use a bookshelf wall as a divider to isolate a portion of your large living room. Set it up with a classy rug and a few pieces of stately furniture, and you have a great little library nook.

At Gelotte Hommas, we are dedicated to designing homes that perfectly meet your needs and wishes. Contact us to discuss your library design plans and start the process today.

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