Luxury Home Features: Build an Indoor Swimming Pool

There are plenty of ways to add luxurious appeal to your home, but few luxury home trends are as exciting as including an indoor swimming pool. The architects at Gelotte Hommas have incorporated indoor pools into many of their past designs. One home in particular features an indoor pool that you can use as inspiration for your own designs.

This beautiful French Manor home features a variety of materials throughout. The library is lined with shelves made from glowing, rich wood. This stands in beautiful contrast to the pool room, which is bright and inviting. The floor is made from light-colored stone that reflects the sunlight as it shines in the large windows. There is plenty of room for greenery on the pool deck, which makes the pool room look like it’s set in a lush, tropical paradise.

Indoor Pool Design
Source: Gelotte Hommas

Another important element of this pool room’s design is the curved outer wall. This creates a softer, inviting look, which is ideal in a room where the goal is relaxation and melting away the stress. Several large doors are set in one curved corner, and they feature paned windows that allow plenty of sunlight inside. Of course, even more sunlight can enter from the clear glass ceiling. This ceiling allows you to feel connected to the outdoors when you’re swimming and relaxing in the pool. You can look up into the friendly clouds or gaze up at the starry night.

Gelotte Hommas Architecture is dedicated to bringing you the latest luxury home trends. If you’re interested in incorporating a pool or any other luxury item into your home, keep us in mind. Contact us to discuss your plans with our talented designers.

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