Love Art? Build In the Perfect Art Gallery to House Your Favorite Works

If you love art, there is no better way to indulge your appreciation than to build your own collection of paintings and drawings. Once you have this collection, however, it deserves a place of honor in your home. Use these home design inspiration tips to create an art gallery where your favorite works can be appreciated and enjoyed by your family and guests.

Designing an in-home art gallery
Source: Gelotte Hommas
  • Create an artistic and revolutionary look by using micro-cement to create sculpted structures, including sinks or a bar area. It’s important that everything in this gallery room flows, and using one medium to create the entire space helps ensure this. The art work will really call attention to itself on the walls without you having to create elaborate displays.
  • You’ll want plenty of natural light to shine into your gallery. This makes the colors in the artwork really pop and all of the details stand out. Floor-to-ceiling windows are a good choice, as are large, multi-paned windows.
  • When you have guests over, you’ll likely want to enjoy some cocktails while admiring the newest addition to your collection. Make this easier by incorporating a hidden wine or liquor cabinet into your art gallery design.
  • Industrial lighting gives an art gallery a truly modern feel. Use simple, hanging¬†pendant lights on the ceiling. You can also integrate some ambient lighting around pieces. Wall sconces underneath or above paintings can make them stand out with a splash of light.

The Architects at Gelotte Hommas have years of experience designing special purpose rooms including art galleries. Contact us to discuss these and other home design inspiration ideas that can make your Seattle home unique.

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