Make Your Bathroom a Private Heaven With These Luxury Ideas

When you retreat into your bathroom for a relaxing shower at the end of a long day, you want the room to feel like your private heaven. With these luxury bathroom ideas, you can create the most pampering bathroom on the block. Discuss them with your design team if you’re building a new bathroom for your new home.

Bathroom Design Tips
Source: Gelotte Hommas

Free-Standing Bathtubs

Who says that bathtubs have to be pushed into corners? When you integrate a freestanding tub into your bathroom design, you can take a bubblebath with a full view of your decorated bathroom on all sides. Freestanding tubs are also easier to decorate around and come in many different simplistic designs, which pair well with the minimalist look that’s common in today’s bathrooms.


Keeping a few plants in the bathroom helps make the space look more welcoming. Try placing potted snake plants or small palm trees on either end of your freestanding tub for a tropical look.

Large Windows

Large windows allow plenty of natural light to shine into your bathroom, which gives you the feeling that you’re basking in the sunlight as you bathe. If your bathroom faces an area where privacy is an issue, use one-way window tint to allow light in without compromising privacy.


The minimal, slightly rustic look of wood makes your bathroom feel warm and welcoming. If you’re not ready to go all of the way with a wooden floor or shower stall, try simply integrating a wooden sink into your decor for an equally pleasing feeling.

The talented designers at Gelotte Hommas Architecture would be happy to help you incorporate these luxury bathroom ideas into your new bathroom plans! Discuss your options with one of our team members, and get ready to experience true luxury at home.

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