Want to Build Green? Follow These Sustainable Home Trends

Green building is more popular than ever, and this trend is certainly beneficial to both the planet and your wallet. At Gelotte Hommas, our talented architects are experienced in green architectural design and can help you create solutions that conserve energy and promote sustainability in your home. Here’s a look at some of the more popular sustainable home trends that you’ll want to consider incorporating into your plans:

Solar Power

The sun is an infinite source of energy, and solar panels allow you to harness that energy for a very low cost and without producing any harmful emissions. Integrating solar panels into a new build is fairly simple, and doing so is likely to result in both tax breaks and energy savings.

Cool Roofs

One of the biggest trends in sustainable building is the construction of roofs from materials that reflect sunlight. This helps cool the home in the summer time, reducing your air conditioning costs. There are many different cool roof options, but the most popular choices are slate roofs, white tiles, and special cool roof membranes.

Recycled Materials

Building a home demands a lot of materials, and it’s certainly good for the environment to make sure as many of these are recycled as possible. Gelotte Hommas can help you include recycled insulation, reclaimed wood, recycled glass, and other green materials in your green architectural design.

Water Conservation

Clean, fresh water is a limited resource. When building new homes, water can be conserved by installing fixtures and appliances designed specifically for water conservation. Outside, rain water collection devices are handy for watering your gardens.

When you’re ready to build the greenest home on your block, contact Gelotte Hommas to learn more about our services and discuss your plans.

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