Get an Amazing Kitchen by Using These Ideas

The kitchen is the heart of the home. When designing a kitchen, it’s important that it becomes a room that you cherish and appreciate. Try using some of these kitchen inspiration ideas to create a room that’s both functional and attractive:

Kitchen Design Tips
Source: Gelotte Hommas
  • Modern kitchens almost always include a kitchen island, and it’s a good choice to stick with this trend. An island gives you extra working space, which is especially important if more than one person will be cooking at a time. It also gives you extra storage space underneath the counter.
  • It’s important that you’re able to see what you’re doing as you slice and dice. LED lighting installed above counter tops helps achieve this goal, while also providing a delightful ambiance. Make sure you pair these lights with some beautiful stone counter tops, as the colors in them will really bounce when the LED lights are on.
  • Your kitchen does not have to rely on geometric shapes and right angles. Deviate from this traditional look by incorporating plenty of curves. You can have a curved counter top, ergonomic drawer pulls, and even uniquely shaped tables for a room with incredible modern character.
  • Forget about windows that are completely vertical. Modern kitchen take advantage of slanted windows, which control the angle that light enters the room to prevent unwanted glare.

Whether you’re remodeling your kitchen or building a new one as a part of designing a new home, the architects at Gelotte Hommas can help give you kitchen inspiration and assistance. Contact us to learn more about our home design services.

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