The Appeal of the Modern Home: Architecture Styles

By definition, modern architecture is an ever-changing style. Current modern design encompasses new technology to make homes easier to build and more efficient to operate using less traditional materials like concrete and steel.

Modern design is always on the hunt for clutter, looking for ways to reduce it and eliminate it altogether. Elements of nature and the outdoors are always welcome whether it’s through the use of glass and windows to make walls transparent or by bringing the elements directly indoors.

Modern designs often display engineering feats like soaring cantilevers and allow much of the structure of the home to be visible including beams, posts, pipes, exposed wood, and other structural elements.

Gallery Home defines Modern Architecture Design
Source: Gelotte Hommas

Characteristics of Modern Architecture

  • Sleek designs, no wasted space or rooms that do not get used.
  • Earth-friendly materials and construction techniques.
  • Engineered and renewable materials instead of harvested wood.
  • No-frills decorations: everything has a purpose and the beauty lies in simplicity.
  • An air of honesty or authenticity. Modern homes have nothing to hide and are not trying to imitate another era or style.

Living Architecture: The Gallery

The Gallery Home in Kirkland, WA, is one of our projects that serves as a stunning example of how modern architecture can be both beautiful and practical. The simple boxed design allows for each individual detail stand out, from the creative use of glass to bring nature and light to the entire home to the use of metal throughout to keep spaces separate yet connected. Every inch of the home is useful space while retaining an open, airy feel throughout.

To learn more about incorporating modern architecture into your next design, contact Gelotte Hommas Architecture.

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