Consider a More Modern Bungalow Style for Your Home

Every area of the country has its own interpretation of the bungalow-style home. From the long and lean brick bungalows in Chicago to the light, wooden West Coast bungalows with airy porches, this style of home has made its way from one end of the country to the other.

No matter where you live, the core design feature of bungalow style homes is cozy living and a few consistent features:

  • Detached garages that are accessible from a back alley or side driveway.
  • Living and sleeping areas all on one floor.
  • Living rooms anchored by large fireplaces nestled between built-in cabinetry.
  • Modest kitchens with stained wood and cozy breakfast nooks.
  • Basic bathrooms with minimal decorative features.

    bungalow style home
    Source: Gelotte Hommas

Upgrading and Expanding Bungalow Style Homes

In spite of their modest roots, most bungalows feature beautiful open floor plans that make them easy to update and fit modern living expectations. Expanding the kitchen is a common upgrade to give homeowners more space.

Another common upgrade is the conversion of attic space into additional bedrooms. The angled walls practically beg for built-in dressers, shelving, and cabinetry and the lowered ceilings make each room cozy and comfortable.

While the original bathrooms in bungalow homes were modest in decoration, they typically have ample space to accommodate additional features and fresh finishes.

Sturdy Charm and Built-In Style

If you have a bungalow home or are thinking of purchasing one and updating its features, let Gelotte Hommas Architecture show you how to take advantage of the natural sturdiness and beautiful craftsman and arts & crafts style to modernize your living space without losing the charm.

For more information on this style of home or for information on starting your dream-home build, contact us today.

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