Ideas for a Home With a Private Interior Courtyard

There are many architectural firms servicing the area but if you’re looking a home designed to make a statement, you must explore some of our custom homes.  You will soon realize why our tagline is “The Art of Architecture.”  Our 25-year old firm can take a home design inspiration and turn it into a dream home.

Our firm is known for merging the space between inside and out and uses a wide range of techniques to accomplish this task tm.  The use of glass walls and private interior courtyards are just two of the techniques they use to make the most out of inside/outside living space.

Interior Courtyard
Source: Gelotte Hommas

Interior courtyards are a popular design element as they create added gathering space and can be designed to the homeowners’ particular desires.  Many are designed with lush landscaped areas, sitting areas, water features and fireplaces.  Others serve as outdoor kitchens complete with grills, deep fryers, pizza ovens, refrigerators and complete dining facilities.  Since the interior courtyards are typically surrounded by the exterior of the home within gated areas, they provide privacy from the outide world.

Many interior courtyards feature versatile covered areas, adjacent to the home, with sliding walls or glass walls, bringing the two areas together even more.  An added benefit of an interior courtyard is that when it is surrounded by glass walls, it enables an abundance of light to flow through the home.

If you’re looking for a firm to deliver on home design inspiration and innovative architectural features contact us at Gelotte Hommas today.

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