The Benefits of Having an Open Floor Plan

Open floor plan designs in homes and apartments have been around for a long time. However, in 2014, they’re particularly popular, and that popularity doesn’t seem like it’s going to fade anytime soon. That’s because open floor plan designs have a wide variety of benefits for homeowners and renters – ones that make day to day life much more enjoyable for many people, as opposed to more traditional closed floor plans.

Gelotte Hommas_gorgeous_white_kitchen
Source: Gelotte Hommas
  • Having an open floor plan can make a small house feel considerably larger than its actual square footage. This works because when dividing walls are knocked down you’ll have a much longer and wider sightline. An open floor plan design is especially good for renovating homes with small rooms for this exact reason.
  • Entertaining guests becomes much easier in a home with an open floor plan. If you’re the type of person who loves to throw a party or have groups over dinner, an open floor plan can make getting more than a few people in a room much easier. It also makes the atmosphere quite lively.
  • A floor plan with few walls allows more natural light into your home. That means you won’t have rooms that are dark and rooms that are too light, and the flow of light in your home can be energizing during the daylight hours. Of course, you can always use window treatments when it’s too much.
  • Open floor plans are practical for families who have children. In fact, watching children in an open floor plan home is a lot easier, which can actually keep your kids safe. It’s not something many people think about when designing a home’s floor plan, but it can really be a helpful benefit for many families.

Contact Gelotte Hommas for more information on beneficial open floor plan designs.

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