Make Nature Meet the Modern In Your Home

You probably associate natural home building materials with old-fashioned homes. However, when used the right way, natural and environmentally friendly building supplies can enhance the modern look of your house.

incorporating nature into a home
Source: Gelotte Hommas

Use these tips and tricks to integrate natural materials into your home’s modern architecture:

  • Live edge slab tables are becoming quite common in modern homes. Live edge slabs are slices of wood cut from fallen trees; the edges are left natural. They have a very rustic look, but compliment minimalist decor and are also an environmentally-friendly alternative to tables made from milled wood.
  • Using textured, natural wooden beams to create exposed ceiling beams in a kitchen or dining room adds instant character to your room. The beams can be finished with a clear, natural finish for protection that does not cause discoloration.
  • There is nothing more natural than a full view of nature. If you have a beautiful backyard, or even a nice front yard, consider installing a floor-to-ceiling window so that you can enjoy the nice view through every season. Use long, full curtains to frame the window and to shut out light at night.
  • A fireplace is perfect for curling up on a chilly winter night. Many of today’s fireplaces are made with synthetic materials, but you can have one built with natural wood for a rustic feeling. To make it look more modern, choose a design that reaches from floor to ceiling.
  • Enhance the look of the natural wood in your home by installing plenty of lighting. Using modern industrial-style fixtures, such as simple stainless steel pendant fixtures, keeps your home looking chic.

Are you considering remodeling your home or building a new one? Contact us at Gelotte Hommas Architecture, and learn more about our modern architecture and interior decorating services that include natural materials.

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