Try an L-Shaped House Plan to Let Each Room Have a View

Form and function are important features when you are designing a home for comfort and aesthetic value. The L-shaped house plan provides a way to achieve both and much more. At Gelotte Hommas, our L-shaped home designs are beautiful as well as functional in many ways. They provide efficient use of land, unique views, and privacy.

L-Shaped homes provide views and privacy
Source: Gelotte Hommas

The L-shaped home plan works for a variety of lot sizes. The L-shape allows an efficient use of space where you can build up or around the perimeter of your lot. Your built-up home provides of privacy for bedrooms, in one wing the home, and space for living and socializing in the second wing.

Since your rooms are designed around the shape of your home, each room has a unique view. The L-shape allows the area around your rooms to be open and free of the encumbrance of a wall or other structure associated with another portion of your home. This shape provides spectacular views from your living and recreation spaces. Your family will enjoy taking in the natural outdoor scenes. Access to your swimming pool or outdoor patio can be established in several different places within your home.

The L-shaped home provides another level of privacy while you entertain outdoors. Your home becomes a natural hedge that surrounds a portion of your outdoor entertaining area. Nature can become another part of the enclosure and you will have a completely private outdoor location for many days and nights of entertainment and relaxation.

We design beautiful homes that provide form and functionality. Contact us to help you design a home that is perfect for your family and lifestyle.

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