How to Create Your Dream Garage Space

When was the last time that you spent more than a few hours in your garage? Most people have garages, but few people love theirs enough to put them to good use. If you are thinking of remodeling your garage, or even of building a new one while designing a home, use these tips and ideas for inspiration.

creating a man cave
Source: Gelotte Hommas’s Portfolio
  • If you love to tinker with cars, motorcycles or other vehicles, one of the most important elements of your ideal garage is space. You need plenty of floor space to take things apart, house one or more cars, and store your tools. You’ll also want a sealed floor, as this is much easier to clean up if you make a spill.
  • Do you want to use your garage for entertaining? Pick a theme, and run with it. For example, you could decorate your garage like a 1950’s diner. Put in a black and white checkered floor, a red-topped bar, and maybe even some built-in booths.
  • If you need a little extra office space, your garage could do the trick. Consider designating a slice of space in the back as an office. This can be separate from your regular garage space, which you can use to store your car and tools.
  • Maybe you have always wanted your own private art studio. Your garage could be it! With a sealed floor, industrial ceiling, and plenty of natural light from large windows, you’ll have the space of your dreams.

Designing a home is a big project, even if you are only re-doing a garage or a single room. Gelotte Hommas Architecture offers an experienced team of architects and designers who can ensure that the end result is exactly what you want. Contact us today to discuss your plans and learn more about our services.

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